Nozzlemen MC Chapter 4

Home of the Nozzlemen Motorcycle Club Chapter 4 Michigan



The club shall offer full membership only. Anyone who meets our specific requirements is eligible to be a full member.

Must be male at least eighteen (18) years of age

Is currently a volunteer, paid on call or full time Firefighter, EMT or Paramedic in good standing with their department. Honorably retired firefighters are also eligible.

Must posses Nozzlemen Club patch, State Rocker, a Maltese cross and Michigan confederation of clubs patch (MCOC) and or any “other state’s required” patch.  EMT’s and Paramedics will posses the Star of life in place of the Maltese cross.  These patches are the property of the Nozzlemen M/C and will be supplied upon acceptance of new members.

Can participate in all Club activities with any make or model of bike fit to ride in functions in a safe manner. (EXCEPTION) No “Crotch Rockets” are permitted.

Must have a valid Driver’s license with a cycle endorsement and up to date proof of insurance.

Must complete an application for membership.  Must complete a prospect period for being voted in with full membership. (Patched In)

Pay in full the annual dues.

Agree to purchase a leather  vest similar to those worn by members and place all patches required by the Club according to Section 8, under “Colors” in the Nozzlemen Bylaws.
Required to ride during Prospect period to all activities until voted in to full membership.

Agree to abide by the Nozzlemen Bylaws and amendments.